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    if you need any further assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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    if you would like to send your template, please sent it to:


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    Did you try to right click on the template file>properties and check if it is set as “Read-only”. If “Read-only” is not checked, you can email your template to me and I’ll take a look at it.


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    We will consider your feedback. If there is anything else you want to contribute, please be free to comment.

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    DT Media,
    D-Tools System Integrator is compatible with AutoCAD 2010 SP1 up to AutoCAD 2017.

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    Via block editor you can scale the wire master block. Look for the local path:
    Open the DWG file (with the wire block in it), then open in the block editor the wire block.
    Scale the wire, save and close the block editor and the file.

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    I would like to take look at your template. Please be free to send me an email at I’ll be please to help you out,

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    Follow the next steps to swap your Company Logo. It is recommended to have your Company Logo in .dwg format.

    1) Browse for the following location: C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SIX\Templates and open (in this case) the Elevation.dwg file.
    2) Once AutoCAD is open, go to the insert tab and select the Block Editor tool.
    3) From the dialog box select the block Logo (D-Tools Logo) and then press OK.
    4) From the main menu go to the View tab and under the Palettes group select DesignCenter icon or use the Ctrl 2 keys to show and hide the DesignCenter window.
    5) Now in the DesignCenter search for your company Logo.dwg file and select BLOCKS.
    6) Then from the right side of the DesignCenter, drag and drop your company logo into the Block Editor where the D-Tools Logo is located.
    Note: Make sure your logo is about the same size as the D-Tools default Logo and center it next to the D-Tools Logo.
    7) The Swap – Then erase the D-Tools Logo and move your company logo were the D-Tools Logo used to be. If a frame exists around your company logo remove it.
    8) Now Save your company logo and close the Block editor. Switch to any of the Paper space tabs and now you can see your Company Logo.
    9) Then Save the Elevation.dwg file and Close it.

    Repeat all the steps above on each SI Template: Elevation.dwg, Line.dwg, Plan.dwg and Schematic.dwg

    I hope this helps.

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    I’m wondering if what you are looking for is the same as follow: The elevation shape change its color based on the System, such as Audio, Video and so on. Then if you right click on the elevation shape to generate the Side View it get under the same System.

    How to Set Elevation Plain Shape & Side View Shape to Color Code based on System value.

    Step 1) From the SI 2015 user interface Search for the Elevation Shapes

    Step 2) Right click on Elevation Shapes Stencil and select Open Stencil option

    Step 3) Right click on Elevation Shapes to set it as Edit Stencil Mode

    Step 4) In this case try to search for the Elevation Plain Shape and right click on it and select > Edit Master > Edit Master Shape options

    Step 5) Right click on the shape and select Show ShapeSheet

    Step 6) In the shape data section add the Prop.system row with a label “System”

    Step 7) In the User-defined cells section replace the formula with the following formula for:




    Step eight) Do not close yet, remain in the Edit Stencil mode to work on the Side View shape

    Step 9) Now, try to search for the Side View Shape and right click on it and select > Edit Master > Edit Master Shape options

    Step 10) Right click on the shape and select Show ShapeSheet

    Step 11) In the shape data section add the following row: Prop.system row with a label “System”

    Step 12) In the User-defined Cells section add the row User.Color with the following formula:


    Step 8 ) Then open the Side View shape in Edit Object mode

    Step 9) Right click on the shape to open the Show ShapeSheet

    Step 10) In the Fill Format section change the value for: FillForegnd: =Sheet8!User.Color

    Step 11) Close everything and save the changes

    Step 12) Now test it!

    As HeadTool said. “The elevation shapes are pretty complex in the way they handle color because of the shadows, feet, patterns, text color and rack ear colors”. While you guys were discussing on this idea, I was building a workaround prove of concept for a customer in Mexico City with the same idea (based on System value such as Audio, Video, Control and so on). The formula I’m presenting here needs some improvements, but for now you can survive with this prove of concept. For sure on our next 2016 release we will have this feature in a way better method.

    This type of discussions help up out to know in what direction to go and what needs to be done for you. We appreciate your comments.

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    Some weeks ago a D-Tools users followed the instructions but he encountered an odd issue “corrupted file”. Even after trying to save the file as older version was not solving the problem, saving as DXF, auditing, deleting, purge and so on. After trying several ways and importing the DWG into Visio, saving the file and closing it at the moment seemed to be ok, but when opening it again the inserted drawing was not there. It only prompted a corrupted file message.

    The solution that fixes the corrupted file is, by opening a new AutoCAD file and inserting the old drawing. Then try to import into Visio, save, close and open it again. And you will see that it’s there.

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    If you need help to audit your block and ensure it works. Please let me know I can help you with it.

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    1. To show the location can be done by adding an attribute with a tag name “Location”.

    2. I was not able to replicate this issue. If the issue still happening you can open a support ticket

    3. There is no way to just show connected terminals yet.

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    The text size for plan view (dynamic) blocks can be edit via block editor (bedit command). But the actual D-tools block libraries have the option to increase the text size via properties window (ctrl 1). For schematic right now there is no way to change the text size and color yet, schematic blocks are render from hard code.

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    The following Attribute (tagname) list can be show (attribute value) on an AutoCAD D-Tools block.
    These attributes on a block are populated if the attributes exist.

    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Category
    • Type (Subcategory of project item)
    • ComponentId
    • CategoryId (abbreviation of project item category)
    • SKU or PartNumber
    • RackMount
    • RackUnits
    • HeadEnd
    • WireLength
    • UnitCost
    • UnitPrice
    • UnitLaborHrs
    • InstallPrice
    • ProductDescription
    • ClientDescription
    • Voltage
    • Amps
    • BTU
    • IPAddress
    • SerialNumber
    • Location
    • System
    • MSRP
    • Phase
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Width
    • Depth
    • CustomProperty1 or CustomField1
    • CustomProperty2 or CustomField2
    • CustomProperty3 or CustomField3
    • CustomProperty4 or CustomField4
    • CustomProperty5 or CustomField5
    • CustomProperty6 or CustomField6
    • CustomProperty7 or CustomField7
    • CustomProperty8 or CustomField8
    • CustomProperty9 or CustomField9
    • CustomProperty10 or CustomField10
    • CustomProperty11 or CustomField11
    • CustomProperty12 or CustomField12
    • CustomProperty13 or CustomField13
    • CustomProperty14 or CustomField14

    For dynamic blocks these parameters are populated
    • BlockHeight
    • BlockWidth
    • BlockDepth

    A block will scale H,W,D based on the measurement unit of the page if
    • Has an attribute “DTBlockName” with value “DTscaleBlock” the block
    • Has either of the 3 dynamic parameters – BlockHeight, BlockWidth, BlockDepth

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    Make sure the attributes from your custom tittle block match the following attributes tagnames.

    PROJECTADDRESS-2 (Project City)
    PROJECTADDRESS-3 (Project State and Zip)
    TOTALSHEETS – (You must have an active sheet set for this)
    COMPANYADDRESS-3 – (Company City, State and Zip)

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