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    I’m new to D-tools and the forum however I am getting the hang of the software and am finding it productive.

    I just wondered how everyone handled wire locations in terms of if the are running from one location to another? For example, I have a mult-iroom amplifier mounted in a central rack location and then speaker cables going to foredeck, aft-deck and fly-bridge locations. Should I set the location at the start terminal (amp) of end terminal (speaker)?

    Another thought I had was to set a location of ‘Cable Runs’ but thought this may make things complicated down the line.

    It would be great to hear your thoughts.



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    Christian Brøndbo

    I usually divide my locations into very detailed levels. This means that for each room I will have as many sub-locations as I have locations for equipment (if I have 20 ceiling speakers, they are grouped into the sub location “Ceiling speaker”, not one sub location for each). When your amplifier is assigned to the AV-rack and the wire ends up in “Salon – Front speaker”, both locations will show up on the wire termination report.

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    Many thanks for the reply, this makes sense. I should have explained I was looking at this from the proposal point of view i.e When I run the client proposal report detailing pricing the cable is broken down into areas.

    If the wire termination report displays both then from an installation point of view that great. I think based on this information I will set the cable location at the end point which will probably seem clear to the client i.e the speaker cable is for the speaker.

    Many thanks for helping me fathom this one out.

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