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    I have a question about adding products to a visio schematic.

    The way I have been doing things currently is that I am adding products to the project that I have created in D-tools and working out price etc from the project editor. I then order all the products by room, location and system. I then need to draw a schematic in order to create connections from/to devices. When I create this schematic and add the same products that are in my project I find that they are doubling. 1 visio product and 1 d-tools product. This means I have to re-assign the product and delete the original product. (annoying!)

    My question is : Can I add the products from my project directly to the schematic?

    I cannot figure this out and it is driving me up the wall.

    help is appreciated




    You should be able to drag items from the Project Editor to the Visio drawing. This will add the item in the project to the drawing.

    The Project Editor also has a “Copy” shortcut menu where you can copy items. In Visio you can Paste and the project items will be added.







    Thanks for the response.

    I knew I could drag and drop and started doing that shortly after asking the initial question.

    My main issue with that method is that it is very time consuming. I can drag multiples of the same item ie: cables and wires but, I will have a project of a few hundred items that I will not be able to combine with the ‘copy/paste’ method.

    I was more hoping you could open a project in visio and drag and drop items from the catalogue menu (left) into the schematic without creating 2 items in the project editor.

    The copy/paste method works for now but I do not see this as a long term fix to the problem.


    Christian Brøndbo

    you can drag a product from product explorer and straight into the Visio drawing. If you check off location and system, that will be automatically assigned on the way from the catalog to the drawing. I usually do it like this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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