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    Richard Guinness

    Hi all – I’m keen to update to Excel / Word 2016 and can’t do this with Visio 2013 installed (BTW the attached document shows you can get a free upgrade to Visio 2016 – I managed to achieve this but it was a nightmare to get the point across to Microsoft!).

    Is Visio 2016 something to avoid for the time being? I’m using up-to-date SI 2015





    Seth Enos

    Visio 2016 is compatible with SI 2015. Click here for most current compatibility list.


    Adam Stone

    There is the same AutoCAD fidelity problem with Visio 2016 as we had with pre SP1 Visio 2013. Microsoft is aware of the problem but has not communicated a date as to when this would be fixed.


    Richard Guinness

    Thanks !

    Are you using Visio 2016 HeadTool? Any significant bugs/awkwardness that you can report on (apart from AutoCAD prob)?


    Adam Stone

    Yes, I am using Visio 2016 and other than the AutoCAD issue it works as expected. Moving forward we will be supporting the new VSDX file format as well as the older VSd format.


    Jay Mullen

    Adam, have you heard anything new on fixing the AutoCAD issue?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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