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    Darnell Shamwell

    I am running a i7 intel processor with 16 gig of RAM and 2 TB hardrive with D-tools, Visio and a few control system programs. C4, Savant, RTI.

    My Visio is running extremly slow/sluggish as of a few months ago.
    What is causing this? My computer specs should be able to handle this right.
    Please advise.




    Are drawings slow in Elevation views only? If so check if you use the Matrix Switcher shape. This shape had performance issues with a recent Visio update. We have updated the shape and the latest Elevation Shapes.vss has these issues fixed. You will have to download stecil updates in SI 2017 to get the latest Elevation Shapes.vss. In any existing drawings you have to replace this shape (Matrix Switcher) with the latest shape from Elevation Shapes.vss. This can be done via the “Change Shape” function.

    Are drawings slow on pages with a lot of schematic wire connections? Make sure on Project Settings you have “Automatically audit wire connections” set to “No”. This is on Global Project Settings | Connections tab. If set to “Yes” it may take a while to check if every wire connection is valid when you activate a page.

    If the above do not help can you send drawings and project (Export Project) to D-Tools Support and ask them to mark case for development and we can take a look. Also let us know your client and server versions please.




    Darnell Shamwell

    This fixed it.
    I had an HDMI matrix and Audio matrix in the elevation drawings so it was extremely slow.
    Updated everything and its works fine now.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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