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    Eric Kalpakoff

    I have a weird setup but it works great with one little complaint. I am running SIX using parallels on a MacPro with Win7. After I got used to the idiosyncrasies, I have but one last issue. The scrolling up and down and zoom are going too many steps at a time, so I often zoom or scroll too far as a result. I looked in the windows control panel for the mouse, and the scroll is set to 1 line at a time but its still doing like 5 or six lines at a time. I want some finer control. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?


    Richard Guinness

    Sounds like you need to look at the mouse settings in control panel. Does it zoom like this in other programs?


    Adam Stone

    Hi, see if any of the tips below help. What version of Visio are you using?


    Dustin Boyle, CTS-D

    When i use visio on my macbook pro using parallels, I found using the multitouch pinch to zoom on my trackpad works surprisingly well. I didn’t expect it work at all but it does. Obviously this doesn’t help if you’re on a desktop machine but maybe a magic trackpad?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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