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    I would like to get some input on how others are splitting up projects in dtools.
    I have a large project for a customer with different systems and locations. The customer wants to do the entire project but wants to break it up into separate phases for financial reasons.

    So, would you just create separate projects? Or one project with many revisions? If so, how do you handle the drawings? I would like to have one complete drawing of the entire project that I can reference and change as we go.

    What’s the best way to approach this? Also, Im using SI2017.

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    Jordan Clark

    Clone the project, change the information needed. Otherwise you will have to rely on filters for everything and you will have to keep a sharp eye and be conscious of your phases and systems cause your filter will be catching, or letting stuff fall through.


    Danny F

    Thought about doing that but how do you maintain a single complete visio drawing? Each project would have to have a separate “incomplete” drawing.



    The Clone method would work.

    Clone the complete project, with whatever criteria you used to identify the phases and also with the complete drawing.

    Clone in many phases you have

    Then you would have to use the Layers feature in Visio or AutoCAD to “turn-off” the layers by phase. and then assign the items in the drawing that you don’t want to be shown to non-visible and/or non-printing layers.



    Hmmm very interesting query.

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