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    jimmy Wright

    A feature that allows us to add a “shipping” price to items? Or a way to prompt a variable priced “shipping” item when a product is dropped in? As of now, if we attach a “shipping” item as an accessory, we can’t edit the price as it comes in. As well, then the customer sees a bunch of different shipping charges.


    Joe DiSabatino

    Jimmy, I’ve read some of your posts and it appears you and I share a lot of the same requirements. I’ve been emailing them too, hopefully the planned 2018 release addresses a lot of these concerns.

    Right now, we’re in the same boat here and have to add an accessory to all items to cover shipping.



    I know this is a late response to this, but since SI18’s release, we’re moving a lot of these types of little things that go onto every product into a “Use Tax”. So, for Freight, we’re just putting a blanket rate for the project in as a use tax. This is handy as it adds a percentage into the cost of the product pre-markup, say 3% or whatever is appropriate depending on the site/client. It’s not perfect, but freight is one of those things that is never perfect. It also get included in every single item this way, so you might gain on some and lose on others, but in the end you (hopefully) break even on freight. The other nice thing about this is that this isn’t readily seen in client-facing reports, but can be broken out for management reports (accountants and such).
    We’re also doing this with the dreaded “Miscellaneous Hardware” calculation, just throwing a little % in there on every item to build up a pile of money in the project accounting to cover the nuts and bolts that never get accounted for.
    Just a thought and how we’ve been looking at things with SI18.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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