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    David Haddad

    I see that the latest service release for 2016 says that a shape can now represent a package. How does this work with regard to wires and wire reports?

    I quit using D-Tools to attempt to document floorplan wiring because when you’re running tons of wire requiring a wire shape for every single wire is dysfunctional (yes I know a wire shape can represent a bundled wire but that has other limitations) – it’s simply impossible to fit all the wires on the page without using a ton of layers etc.

    I’m curious if the new package shape includes one for wires and if so if text can be turned on for the shape that lists the items in the package? IOW, can it function as a wire shape that lists the cables automatically in a callout box or something like that?




    Hi David,

    This page documents package shapes in the latest SI 2016 release.

    You can have a single wire shape represent a package on plan views.
    However there is no ability now to display the wires in the package.
    Packages do have Component ID(s) which you can display on the package shape.




    David Haddad

    Thanks Naresh. I requested this feature several times over the years, excited to see it made it’s way in.


    Adam Stone

    Hey Dave,

    Haha. You and I think alike. Yea, multiple wires has always been a pain. You can now create a package of wires that can be represented by a single package wire shape. In this current release we go got everything to work except a way to discount the labor for the package since it takes less time to run multiple wires from a headend to a room than the labor for eacwire to be run individually. I figured out a workaround for this issue but it was more of a hack since you had to change the labor rates for each wire in the package and that got uploaded back to the catalog.

    I also figured out a way to document a bundled cable like a Crescat cable but get individual wire ID’s for cable in the bundle. Kind of a hack as well but it does currently work. Happy to share if interested.

    The good news is we added a labor discount for packages feature in the next version of Si that will allow you to create and save a package of wires using your normal wire SKU’s and then discount the labor as needed.

    Let me know what you think.

    Hope all is good. Happy New Year!



    David Haddad


    Great to hear from you! I think this feature is huge BTW, and not just for wire.

    Ideally I’d like to see optional text that can be turned on/off that could show a list of models and component ID’s – IF feasible.

    Yes, I am interested in seeing how to document a bundled wire abd get individual ID’s. Can a package shape can have both a bundled wire and individual cables in the same package?


    Joe Tooley

    Hi Adam,
    like David, I would also like to know what your recommended methodology for a bundled wire with individual ID’s is.



    It appears you can only make these changes when editing a package in the Package Editor but not in the project by opening the package? Is this correct?

    If only in the Package Editor please add support to make this change to packages already in the project.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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