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    Jeff Cooper

    I’ve been using SIX for a couple of years now. Just started to use the Scope Of Work portion (used to write my own separate document)in SIX. The S.O.W document does not list any company information or logo? Is there a step I missed?




    Seth Enos

    The Scope of Work report does not contain that information, even in our latest version SI 2015. It was intended to more of a report that you use in conjunction with a Proposal report in a Report Group, but if you want to use a stand alone document I can certainly see why you need these fields. You can use the Report Designer to add these fields if you wish. Easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the fields and script from an existing report to another. We use scripting to format the address fields. I don’t have SIX installed on my current machine but I have attached an SI 2015 version of this report with the added information. I *think* this will import fine into SIX… You will need to unzip this file and then import it (I had to zip it to get it to upload to forum).

    How I did this was:

    1. Opened the Standard Report Designer and created a new report based off of the Contract report (because I know that this report has the fields desired).
    2. Selected all the fields in the GroupHeader1 section and copied them, then clicked the [Save for Later] button.


    3. Created another report based off of the Scope of Work report and then expanded the GroupHeader1 section, changed the Visible property to “True”, pasted these fields into this section, then clicked [Save for Later].


    4. Reopened the custom Contract created in step 1 and clicked the script tab at the bottom of the interface:


    5. Copied the script from the GroupHeader1_Format section, then clicked the [Publish] button (so I can delete this report later). Chose not to close the report designer.


    6. Opened the custom Scope of Work report, clicked the script tab, and pasted in the copied fields. Note: there was already a GroupHeader1 format section in this script (likely because this report was created off of another report when we built it) and some of fields needed are already there (the address ones) but just delete the existing section and paste in the copied script. Then Publish the report.


    Jeff Cooper

    Thanks for this. The import didn’t work, it gave me an error message, but I was able to follow what you did to start creating my own custom report!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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