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    Kevin Hildebrand

    :unsure: We have found our drawings to look best when the Rack Elevation is accurate sized gear front and side views. We also have a color code for types of gear. Using a generic rack shape we are stuck on the front face with White,grays and black… BUT you can change the side to any color in the Format window.

    ANY IDEAS on a shape or creating a shape that’s color can be modified while keeping the product text info, and maybe even the mount types???


    Kevin Hildebrand

    Ironically I can make the face transparent. So by creating a rectangle behind each piece in the color I want, I can do this… but it is a pain!!!


    Adam Stone

    Hey, The elevation shapes are pretty complex in the way they handle color because of the shadows, feet, patterns, text color and rack ear colors. They are kind of all intertwined and deliberate steps were taken to limit the access and color choices. The side elevation views do not have the complexity of the front views.

    I understand your use case but I can’t come up with an easy way to change the color of the elevation shape to allow for more color choices. I can show you how to modify individual shapes on the drawing page if you are familiar with the Visio ShapeSheet but you will have to do this for each shape on the page you want a different color.

    We might be able to add more Shape Data driven color choices to the front panel faceplate in a future version. I will add to the list of Visio enhancements.

    Here is some information on the Visio ShapeSheet. Let me know if you understand this kind of stuff and I will post instructions on how to modify the faceplate color beyond the current choices.




    Kevin Hildebrand

    Thanks Adam… I was afraid that was the case. Funny how I CAN change the face transparency but NOT color… I will do the colored rectangle behind each piece thing for any drawing needing the detail. After doing it for a large project I was getting pretty fast at it… but it’s just one more little tweak thing that costs me time. An upgrade on this would be great in the future… thanks!

    THAT, AND PACKAGES!!!! Give us the ability to have multiple devices for a Packaged set! (HDBaseT SETS, USB extender SETS… EVEN all inclusive package sets of a video wall) It sucks having to pull in several devices to have the I/Os and then zero them out in cost, just to be able to draw them!!!!!!!!!! Makes it confusing for the books too!



    Adam Stone

    Also we have some package enhancements for SI 2016



    I’m wondering if what you are looking for is the same as follow: The elevation shape change its color based on the System, such as Audio, Video and so on. Then if you right click on the elevation shape to generate the Side View it get under the same System.

    How to Set Elevation Plain Shape & Side View Shape to Color Code based on System value.

    Step 1) From the SI 2015 user interface Search for the Elevation Shapes

    Step 2) Right click on Elevation Shapes Stencil and select Open Stencil option

    Step 3) Right click on Elevation Shapes to set it as Edit Stencil Mode

    Step 4) In this case try to search for the Elevation Plain Shape and right click on it and select > Edit Master > Edit Master Shape options

    Step 5) Right click on the shape and select Show ShapeSheet

    Step 6) In the shape data section add the Prop.system row with a label “System”

    Step 7) In the User-defined cells section replace the formula with the following formula for:




    Step eight) Do not close yet, remain in the Edit Stencil mode to work on the Side View shape

    Step 9) Now, try to search for the Side View Shape and right click on it and select > Edit Master > Edit Master Shape options

    Step 10) Right click on the shape and select Show ShapeSheet

    Step 11) In the shape data section add the following row: Prop.system row with a label “System”

    Step 12) In the User-defined Cells section add the row User.Color with the following formula:


    Step 8 ) Then open the Side View shape in Edit Object mode

    Step 9) Right click on the shape to open the Show ShapeSheet

    Step 10) In the Fill Format section change the value for: FillForegnd: =Sheet8!User.Color

    Step 11) Close everything and save the changes

    Step 12) Now test it!

    As HeadTool said. “The elevation shapes are pretty complex in the way they handle color because of the shadows, feet, patterns, text color and rack ear colors”. While you guys were discussing on this idea, I was building a workaround prove of concept for a customer in Mexico City with the same idea (based on System value such as Audio, Video, Control and so on). The formula I’m presenting here needs some improvements, but for now you can survive with this prove of concept. For sure on our next 2016 release we will have this feature in a way better method.

    This type of discussions help up out to know in what direction to go and what needs to be done for you. We appreciate your comments.

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