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    Mark Harvey


    We are now required by some clients to show the BTU and Power values from the Catalog Products’ Specifications Tab.

    Is this possible as there does not seem to be a setting available from the shape?

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    Adam Stone


    Yea, we don’t have any options to show that information anywhere on the shape. The only way to get that information out of the project would be to create a custom report. If you wanted to show this information on the drawing page you could create or export the report in Excel and paste direct into the drawing.

    Hope that helps.


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    Mark Harvey


    That’s a good way round at the moment.

    If it is something the majority of users would like to have as an option it would be good to see.

    Thanks for your reply

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    Adam Stone

    Hi again,

    One of our devs reminded me that we added a Shape Display settings feature last year that will display different variables on mouseover of the shape in the drawing. This means that if the right custom property is enabled in the shape like BTU then this info can be displayed a number of ways in the shape. The downside is that currently we do not have any sort of UI that would allow you to pick what custom properties you want to display in the shape or some kind of flexible text box that would allow you position this text.

    If you know the Visio ShapeSheet it is not a tough job to add the custom property BTU to the shapes but it is a lot more involved to add a custom text box. I don’t think it is worth it for you to mess around with this stuff unless you want a new hobby.

    What I am going to do is write a spec that will give users an editable, movable note field that they can then choose what custom properties they want to display from a drop down of available properties. When we refresh the elevation shapes I will bake that into them.

    Thanks for the comments. That how we get new features into our software. If it is mission critical that you get these properties to display on the shape now I can go over a workaround. Also here is some info on how our current Display Settings UI works: http://support.d-tools.com/01_SIX/User_Guide/04_Projects/03_Visio_Interface/Visio_Shapes_for_SIX/Shape_Display_Settings

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    Jay Mullen

    Did this ever happen?

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