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    We were awarded a blanket contract from an enterprise public customer from which different agencies may order from us under the single contract. In other words, there are many projects that will potentially be created that need to use a discount-off list price table for equipment, and a labor rate by position (table with example rates are listed below). A new price type won’t work as product prices vary wildly by manufacturer. For equipment, a price rule by MFG? For labor, a special phase? Use discount field on individual project by manufacturer? Manually calculate the labor adjustment and enter into the “Labor Adjustment” field (which I cannot locate how to do that anyway)?

    Please recommend the best practice for us to make project pricing more routine using the power of the software.

    Installation Type, Regular Business Hrs, Non Business Hrs (Holiday, Overtime), Emergency Responses
    Engineering, $110.00, $165.00, $440.00
    Field Engineering, $98.00, $147.00, $392.00
    Project Management, $110.00, $165.00, $440.00
    Field Management, $86.00, $129.00, $344.00
    Installation Technicians, $64.00, $96.00, $256.00
    Shop Fabrication, $52.00, $78.00, $208.00
    Training, $86.00, $129.00, $344.00

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