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    Gary Ruedinger

    Looking for the best and quickest way to generate a report that shows the large image and short description by room. No summarization and if there is more than one item I want an image of both items. Would also like to dynamically format it across a landscape format.


    Seth Enos

    There are many ways to accomplish what you are asking. Based on what you described, the easiest method is probably to copy the picture control and script from a Proposal with Large Images and add them to the Checklist report. The Checklist report does not aggregate quantities of items per grouping and instead lists every item individually, and this report is already landscape in format. Attached is a quick mock-up based on the fields you requested. You can unzip report file and then import the report. What I did:

    – Created a temporary report based off of the Proposal with Large Images so I could copy the picture control and the script needed to set the images.
    – Created a new report based off the Checklist report and pasted the image field and script (shown below, slightly modified) into the report
    – Removed a bunch of fields except for the Manufacturer/Model field and the picture that was added.


    – Added the dtr:Description field to the report


    – Added the script below to populate the picture control. Make sure to change the section to “Detail1” if copying/pasting script from a Proposal.


    Sample output:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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