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    jimmy Wright

    When creating a package, the labor hours for the labor item are not saved. They come directly from the hours qty in the catalog. This needs to be attached to the package, not the catalog. The reason for this, is if you have a special labor hours required for a package you use often, they won’t be reflected in the package, unless they match in the catalog.

    I created a package with specific “Programming” labor attached to some items. These hours amounts need to be specific to the package created. When the package is then pulled in from the catalog, the hours quantities are reset to the catalog values of the individual items.




    SI 2017 has the ability to set a factor for labor hours. Now sure if that will help –




    Aaron Reeves

    This is a bit late in reply but anyway…
    Naresh did not answer the question I think Jim was asking and i am now in need of being answered.

    What i believe Jim was saying was, when you add a labor item, not labor in a product, to a package, it only brings the Catalog data over. If you change the labor item to reflect what you want in the package it changes the Catalog Labor Item as well which corrupts the Catalog Data.

    Is there a way to change a Labor Item hours or even cost/price without changing the Catalog Data for that Labor Items like how items added to a project work?
    This is a large issue for the use of Mobile Quote and having “Standard Systems” setup. The salesperson would have to add the labor hours to the “Package” for every Labor Item in front of the client. Or you would need to have multiple Labor Items, for each Labor Item, in your Catalog to try to represent every possibility your “Standard Systems” utilize. The ladder would make your data unmanageable.



    jimmy Wright

    Thanks Aaron! You clarified my issue perfectly!

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