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    Graham Hickerson

    Does the following still apply to D-Tools SIX and Visio 2010? Or are there an updated instructions?

    Preparing an AutoCAD drawing for insertion into D-Tools SI (Visio)
    1. Verify drawing is in Model Space (not Paper Space).
    2. Run the Command: units (The Drawing Units dialog will open. Verify that the “Type” is set to Architectural and the “Units to scale inserted content” is set to Unitless.)
    3. Run the Command: zoom extents
    4. Run the Command: xref (The Xref Manager dialog will open. If there are xrefs, you can Bind them or if the Status of the xrefs is “Not Found” or “Unloaded”, Detach them.)
    5. Run the Command: purge (The Purge dialog will open. Check “Purge nested items” and uncheck “Confirm each item to be purged”)
    6. Run the Command: audit (Type y to fix any errors.)
    7. Save the drawing as an R14 DWG or an R12 DXF file if these are options in your version of AutoCAD. If you don’t have one of these options you can save as an AutoCAD 2000 DWG.



    The preparation of the DWG before insertion, still apply to any Visio version.



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    Some weeks ago a D-Tools users followed the instructions but he encountered an odd issue “corrupted file”. Even after trying to save the file as older version was not solving the problem, saving as DXF, auditing, deleting, purge and so on. After trying several ways and importing the DWG into Visio, saving the file and closing it at the moment seemed to be ok, but when opening it again the inserted drawing was not there. It only prompted a corrupted file message.

    The solution that fixes the corrupted file is, by opening a new AutoCAD file and inserting the old drawing. Then try to import into Visio, save, close and open it again. And you will see that it’s there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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