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    How can one go about getting realistic shapes made for products that just have generic rack elevation boxes. Is there a service that can make these for me? Also I have stencil files from some manufactures how do get those into the D-Tools Shapes database? Right now I open another instance of Visio inset the stencil then Copy and Paste that stencil into my drawing and link it to a product. Is there an cleaner more integrated method?


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    Hey Lawrence,

    Good questions. As far as a service for manufacturer specific Visio shapes goes your best bet is probably NetZoom. You can get a free sample here:

    In order to get these shapes linked to a specific product you need to follow these steps. Keep in mind that these shapes have a one to one relationship with a specific product SKU, whereas D-Tools shapes have a one to many relationship. Also the dimensions of any non-d-tools shapes will not be linked to the database. The steps below will show you how to link a shape, store in a stencil and use with both the shape tree and product editor UI.

    1: Open a the NetZoom (or whatever) stencil in D-Tools SI/Visio and find the shape you want to link to a specific product and drop on to the D-Tools/Visio page
    2: Make sure the product you want to link the shape to is in your product database
    3: Drop the manufacturer specific shape on to the elevation drawing page
    4: Right click the shape you just dropped and choose D-Tools>>Link to Product>>New or Existing. Choose the correct product you want linked
    5: Open a D-Tools stencil for editing by right clicking on the stencil in the shape tree and choosing Open Stencil. Right click on the newly opened stencil and choose Edit
    6: Drag and drop the shape you just linked to the open stencil and give it a unique name
    7: Save and close the stencil, go to the shape tree and hot the refresh button. You should seee the shape you just added sorted by alpha. This shape is not permanently linked to the specific SKU
    8: Go to the Products tab and hit refresh. Find the product SKU that was just added, right click on it and choose Shape>>Assign and choose the shape you just created from the list.. This will complete link so whenever you drop this SKU the new shape will appear.

    I could probably explain in less than 8 steps but its pretty quick and this way the product is linked to the shape and the shape is linked to the product in the database so you only have to do this once.

    Hope that helps.



    Peter Mejer

    Hi Lawrence,
    I have made a few sets for Extron components. They are enclosed here. Feel free to use them as you want (and anyone else of cause)

    You can use the import stencil function in d-tools.


    Hmm – seems that I am unable to attach the file. You are welcome to contact me, if you want the vss file.



    Thanks will do

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