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    Jeremy McGouirk

    Hey all,

    I was curious if anyone has tried to edit the payment summary report to include a processing fee. Problem is I can’t figure out how to edit the subreport so that it binds a percentage of the pre-tax total and shows a second grand total price.

    Basically I’d like to have a regular, unadulterated Grand Total Price, then another Grand Total Price with Fee underneath showing like a 3 or 4% mark up. Any help is welcome. Thanks again!


    Seth Enos

    Attached is a report that I believe does what you are asking. This report has a sub-report named “_Project Summary Detail with 4 Percent Value” where all the changes made took place. The script that was added is below (variable names intentionally long so it is clear what each one is doing):

    Sub ReportFooter1_BeforePrint

    Dim PreTaxTotal As Double = ctype(ReportUtilities.ReturnTextBoxValue(rpt,”ReportFooter1″,”txtInstallationPrice”), Double)
    Dim ProcessingFee As Double = (PreTaxTotal *.04)
    Dim ProjectTotal As Double = ctype(ReportUtilities.ReturnTextBoxValue(rpt,”ReportFooter1″,”txtProjectTotal”), Double)
    Dim ProjectTotalPlusProcessingFee As Double = (ProjectTotal + ProcessingFee)

    ReportUtilities.SetTextBoxValue(rpt,”ReportFooter1″,”txtProjectTotalPlusProcessingFee”, ProjectTotalPlusProcessingFee)

    End Sub

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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