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    Kevin Hildebrand

    :S In our industry we are constantly building systems with packages, that offer simplified ordering, savings for us and the client, and in some cases it is the only way to buy said items. Placing them in the drawing however is a pain. IS there any way you can ADD a feature to be able to create multiple component shapes within the ONE part number, so we don’t have to place in a pile of individual “non billed” and “do not order” items within the project just to get all of the correct component shapes into the project?



    Stephen Lund

    I will second that request. Another example is a manufacturer’s product that has several pieces to it. A wireless mic system with a receiver and a transmitter. A mixer that comes with a stage box. Having to build the “packaged items” or “do not order” take time let alone the dropping multiple items in.

    I will say that within AutoCad you can use dynamic blocks to have several items within a custom block. But this has its own issues.


    Ken Rousseau

    Agreed. We use a lot of TX/RX packages for HDBaseT transmission, USB extension, etc.. These and wireless mic systems seem to be lost on the product creators as you get one box with all I/O’s from all pieces on that one box.

    This is also true with Card Frame systems. For example a matrix frame (AMX ENOVA DGX) that requires I/O cards will import with ALL the card i/o’s on the frame. This is not useful and i have tried to make the point but it too appears lost.

    The catalog items we use are rarely ifs ever accurate or consistent.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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