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    There is nothing done here for SI 2018. We are considering this for our next SI 2018 R1 due later this year.




    +1; and the specs/data sheets should be attached to the product when I download it from the library.



    Hi Naresh, SI2018 R1 is out with no mention of this feature.

    As a suggestion to how this may work, a PDF document could be attached to a product and a check box similar to “Show in Product Details Report” can be added to the item so only those items which are selected and have a file attached will be populated in the report.

    As far as the reporting goes, it would be great to see the spec/product info sheets able to be sorted by system, category and sub category, as well as a custom user manual/O&M manual document, created in a similar fashion to the existing SOW feature.



    Hi D-Tools,

    Is there any developments on this?

    It looks like this would benefit quite a few people so requires further attention. It would be a massive time saver in all aspects of producing documentation through all stages of a project, start with ‘Initial product design concepts’ doc to ‘Wiring plan drawings’ doc and finish off with an ‘O&M manuals’ doc.

    Fingers crossed we receive a more definitive response.

    Thanks in advance


    jimmy Wright


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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