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    I have a custom report, which uses one of the available Product/Labor Custom Fields (Custom Field 11), which has a Data Type of “Date”.

    In the Standard Report Designer, I have added that field to the report from the ReportExplorer.

    I have then set the OutputFormat to “DD-MMM-YYYY”, hoping to get an output in the report of (for example): 01-Sep-2017.

    The problem is, the report does not adhere to the OutputFormat, and just outputs “MM-DD-YYYY” which is the American format. It ignores any formatting conditions completely, as I have tried different types like “DD-MM-YY” and “DD-MM-YYYY” and it doesn’t work.

    Nor does D-Tools recognise the OutputFormat “d” which should pull the date format from my operating system. But it still just outputs the American format, as my OS is set to “DD-MMM-YYYY”.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this big?


    Narayana Karthik

    To get output “01-Sep-2017” please try this “dd-MMM-yyyy” format, set OutputFormat property of textbox to dd-MMM-yyyy

    Hope it helps.



    @Narayana – thanks for the reply. I have just tried the format you suggested and the report output remains the same: mm-dd-yyyy.

    Any more ideas? :)


    Narayana Karthik

    I have just now checked with that format, it works perfectly, please check the below links –
    1. Custom report with custom field11 (whose output format set to ‘dd-MMM-yyyy’)

    2. Project Item with custom field 11 value set –

    3. Custom report renders the format correctly –

    Please check your changes.
    If you still face the same issue again please contact support with your custom report.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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