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    Jordan Clark

    I am designing some custom reports to match our company look & feel, but I feel I am limited with design capabilities. I find the report designer “blocky” and cumbersome with a lack of elegance or ability to customize much beyond data, basic shapes and text blocks. I feel like I am missing an entire design section that I am missing that allows creativity and customized designs.

    Considering D-Tools foundations in Visio, and the separation from crystal reports, that the report design features would find themselves with a Visio engine. I have created my design in Visio, now I want to import it into Designer, or at least match my design with the reporting features & data. But I can’t even come close to what I am envisioning.

    Has anybody else any luck with custom report designs or been able to unlock the mysteries of Report Designer?


    Eric Kalpakoff

    You will find that it will be the second most frustrating task you will ever attempt to tackle. The first of course being herding cats. You will need to make a few compromises as you progress through getting it to look like you want it. the reports are ‘rendered’ and do not always come out how you expect or need. It took me some time to get mine how I wanted without paying someone to do it for me. I would suggest contacting:

    Ryan Brown
    Media Environment Design
    Paradise Theater
    (760) 434-9040

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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