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    I want to create my own custom blocks that represent certain items from the catalog. I want to assign certain product attributes to each of these blocks and choose whether to display them or not, much like most other blocks. I found an article for an older version of SI5 I think which sort of touches on it but I have tried and does not work. Is it simply a case of knowing the correct attribute names for the product variables, locations, system etc. An if so does someone know where I can find such a list?




    The following Attribute (tagname) list can be show (attribute value) on an AutoCAD D-Tools block.
    These attributes on a block are populated if the attributes exist.

    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Category
    • Type (Subcategory of project item)
    • ComponentId
    • CategoryId (abbreviation of project item category)
    • SKU or PartNumber
    • RackMount
    • RackUnits
    • HeadEnd
    • WireLength
    • UnitCost
    • UnitPrice
    • UnitLaborHrs
    • InstallPrice
    • ProductDescription
    • ClientDescription
    • Voltage
    • Amps
    • BTU
    • IPAddress
    • SerialNumber
    • Location
    • System
    • MSRP
    • Phase
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Width
    • Depth
    • CustomProperty1 or CustomField1
    • CustomProperty2 or CustomField2
    • CustomProperty3 or CustomField3
    • CustomProperty4 or CustomField4
    • CustomProperty5 or CustomField5
    • CustomProperty6 or CustomField6
    • CustomProperty7 or CustomField7
    • CustomProperty8 or CustomField8
    • CustomProperty9 or CustomField9
    • CustomProperty10 or CustomField10
    • CustomProperty11 or CustomField11
    • CustomProperty12 or CustomField12
    • CustomProperty13 or CustomField13
    • CustomProperty14 or CustomField14

    For dynamic blocks these parameters are populated
    • BlockHeight
    • BlockWidth
    • BlockDepth

    A block will scale H,W,D based on the measurement unit of the page if
    • Has an attribute “DTBlockName” with value “DTscaleBlock” the block
    • Has either of the 3 dynamic parameters – BlockHeight, BlockWidth, BlockDepth



    Thank you for that!

    One more question, how do I go about getting these assigned to a product or make it available as part of the blocks available to the Project Editor?


    Seth Enos

    When editing your block, click the [Attribute Definition] button and then fill in the Tag field with the attribute you wish to add:


    Then place the text where you want it and repeat for any additional attributes you wish to add.



    If you need help to audit your block and ensure it works. Please let me know I can help you with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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