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    jimmy Wright

    When I use the IO block for a network switch in Visio, I copy/paste the Inputs RJ45’s to the Outputs (since a switchport is bi-directional). When I copy/paste, the order is reversed.
    C14/PWR/120AC (copied to outputs) RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 4
    RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 1 (copied to outputs) RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 3
    RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 2 (copied to outputs) RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 2
    RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 3 (copied to outputs) RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 1
    RJ45/Data/LANPOE+ 4 (copied to outputs) C14/PWR/120AC

    This is a new occurrence, as I’ve been doing this same copy/paste since SI5




    In our testing this happens when you select rows bottom to top (first select bottom row and then top row). The copy and paste now is in order of how you selected the rows.

    We are fixing this in our next client update due in first week of January 2018 so as to copy and paste in the order on the IO grid.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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