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    Jake T

    We are running into a bunch of issues with estimating and processing change orders is SI16. What we are running into is for any given job we may have a change order be started on the current sold project, and then before that gets approved we have to run another change order, but the numbers are now off because there are now 2 unapproved change orders in there. If DTools could figure out a way to have change orders be completely separate from the current approved job (parent/child type setup) it would make the software quite a bit more powerful for us. Our clients tend to like to upgrade, change their system throughout the year+ long building process. (Let alone technology changes every 6 months)

    Change Order/Quote is requested> Go to said project>Right Click>

    Select Create Change Order Quote>Dtools Opens a “clone” of currently approved project>

    Add/subtract product for whatever is needed for that quote>

    Save/Close change order which will not affect current approved project in anyway>Wait for approval>

    Once approved, Right Click Change order and click Approved/Submit> DTools shoots this into the approved project adding and/or removing anything within the Change order


    Aaron Reeves

    I second this… if it helps



    I also use change orders quite a bit and would like to see this change. I find the same issues when using the current change order setup.



    Make it a third. The current changeorder system is way to linear and people are anything but linear.

    Irrational, scatterbrained and in a hurry… but not linear.



    + 1.

    I have had to make some custom reports to try and display the change order information correctly to the customer and also for internal ordering of the new products. This feature still confuses my team and customers regularly.

    Its fine for very simple include this and exclude this changes, but any complex changes are not worth it.


    David Haddad



    jimmy Wright


    Add on top of that the migraine inducing process of making all of it jive with Quickbooks. Change orders need to be a separate item within a project that can be approved/denied. But while they are in “limbo” they shouldn’t be appearing in the project.

    I will run a pick list for the guys, but it includes items from potential change orders, so I have to go through and mark as “no-go”. As well, billing dept will start doing progress billing off of a projects total equipment costs, and include change order items that are in the project, so a CO can be created, but haven’t been approved yet.


    jimmy Wright



    jimmy Wright

    Just adding CO #5 to a project. The CO process via DTools is a joke. Get on this guys.


    jimmy Wright

    Change order process should look something like this.

    -Inside of a project, “create change order”
    -Opens a window where info for the change order can be entered. Job, contact, CO#, notes, etc.
    -Products section would have an “Add new products” options to insert new products from the catalog. As well, a “Replace existing products” option to allow for a part to be changed/replaced.
    -This change order then sits in the project, but doesn’t appear in parts lists or estimate until it receives the “client approved” check box, or “publish to project”
    -Once approved, then it can be sent to quickbooks as a new estimate

    Until you get this process sorted out, you really can’t claim to be project management. On site changes to scope are a complete pain to deal with within d-tools, and become a source of lost revenue.





    jimmy Wright

    Bump. Anyone from D-Tools going to address this idea? Users have been +1’ing this thread for over a year now.



    Someone should create a support tickt that points to this thread


    Jordan Clark

    It’s unaninmous


    Jay Mullen

    +1, +1, +1

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