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    Aaron Reeves

    I am looking for the best work flow or process for Change Orders.
    Let’s say I have an “As-Sold” revision then 4 change orders and 1 change notice.
    Day 2; Change Order 2 and Change Notice 1 are approved by the client.
    Day 15; Change Order 3 is approved by the client.
    Day 21; Change Order 1 and 4 are rejected by the client.

    How do we keep this straight in the revisions as what revisions to “Compare”.



    Joe Calderaro

    Just my experience here, but Change Orders have only worked for us if they were sequential. We’ve always revised CO1 and ratified before proceeding to CO2, as they’re generational.


    Aaron Reeves


    Sorry this is a year plus after the fact. For our work flow, that is an unrealistic way to manage changes.

    In a large project, you could have multiple changes waiting for approval and receive approval/disapproved out of “order”. Change Notices are easily managed in the order they are created but Change Orders may have to go through several client approvals before you get your answer.

    Believe me, if I could keep them in order of creation I would.

    I do appreciate the feed back and we do look for more efficient ways for our processes.



    Jake T

    We are having a HUGE issue with this. We have multiple change orders that are all in different states and have a very hard time keeping the current Job correct. DTools needs to add a feature where there is a current job and the job has individual children (pending CO’s) that when they get approved, they get shot over to the current running project. The current way of doing change orders is a complete mess…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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