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    jimmy Wright

    Internal Change orders modify the total price of the project. This shouldn’t be the case, as they are internal for parts not billed and add/deducts that change cost but not price.


    jimmy Wright

    Also change order cannot be deleted/edited/un-approved to fix price change issue. Once a contract is agreed on, we would use internals to make sure costing is correct for any add/deducts that the customer wouldn’t see. We would be using external change orders to modify the contracted price of the project, which the customer would have to approve.




    We have a project setting
    “Mark added items as Non Billable on internal change orders”. You can mark that True.
    When items are added to internal CO they are marked Non Billable and will not impact price.



    jimmy Wright

    Approving an internal change order as approved, changes project total price.

    Items were removed from scope, but should not have changed price due to negotiation with client (client error)
    When change order was approved with parts removed, project total was decreased.


    Hi Jimmy,

    I am a D-Tools user. Would you please call me at (818) 612-5410?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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