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    Joe Calderaro

    It appears that the calendar is only one-way currently, pushing appts to our tech calendars. While this is OK for scheduling installs and service, the lack of being able to sync their calendars back to SI15 causes an issue with availability. If we have techs at a training, or on vacation, how do we represent that time on the Dtools calendar? Do we have to go through and create a service order called “Vacation” just to hold that spot?


    dan carr

    I do not know the answer But I am having similar issues with scheduling tasks to installers. I am finding that when you assign a task to an installer it is delivered to the correct email address but no scheduled on their calendar unless they themselves have clicked on the link to add task to calendar.

    This is very frustrating as the email can be the last of a long list the installers have to deal with and after a few days the email disappears.  Though I think the disappearance is to do with the calendar settings. But like I was saying the task should notify the installer by email as well as being posted to the calendar itself.  Otherwise I do not see the point in using the task feature as all the information can be sent through email and I can schedule the job by the work calendar.



    How i can sync calendar with MobileRecorder24</a., is it possible?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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