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    Martin Davey

    I would like to be able to automate the Page Type selection when inserting a new page into a Visio Drawing.

    I have a highly automated template that would benefit from allowing the script to choose the drawing type instead of the user. When inserting a new page, the user would choose 1 of 10 localized drawing types from a popup window and then the program decides which of the d-tools drawing types fits best with the users choice. Is there any way of getting control of the d-tools plugin via VBA to make this happen?


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    The D-Tools Visio AddIn is .Net code and you cannot use VBA to hook into it.

    You can create your own Visio templates and store them here – C:ProgramDataD-ToolsSIXTemplates.
    An idea is to create more Visio drawings per project and not rely on multiple pages in the same drawing for different layouts.

    When creating a new Visio template copy any of the existing D-Tools template files as they carry a property to tag a SIX drawing.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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